Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge


 Road Warrior for October: Carm Stobie


Chapter Directors (CD)

We are honored to serve as the CD's of VA-L. We have been a part of the VA-L family since 2011; we would like the opportunity for you to visit us at our gathering. If you like riding & fun, look no further than VA-L.

Feel free to contact them with ANY question.


Chapter Directors Zach & Angie Bon

Zach:  757-581-0908

Angie: 757-309-6439



Chapter Couple of the Year (COY)

Steven and Sherry are our ambassadors to the motorcycling community and generall public at large.

They exemplify the GWRRA Motto "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge".

If you want to know what this great organization has to offer, just ask Steven and Sherry





Chapter Educator (CE) and Motorist Awareness

What is the GWRRA Rider Education Levels Program?  How does it benifit me?  How do I become involved with the Program? The Motorist Awareness program  is designed to educate the public to help make our lives a little better on the open road.


 Steven Morgan






Membership Enhancement Coordinator (MEC)

& Event Coordinator

Trish is the person who stays in contact with our members and handles our get-togethers.  She also answers questions about anything you may have regarding GWRRA. Contact Trish







Treasurer  Sherry Morgan                                                               Ride Coordinator  Dan Clark




               Secretary  April Kumley                                                                                          Historian  Carm Stobie


          Newsletter Editor  Karen Bottoni

                                          Newsletter Editor

      Karen is the one who puts it all into words and keeps our members informed of what is going on within the Chapter. She is the person who puts pen to paper and delivers a terrific newsletter.


If you want an article published, send it to Karen